Smart Affiliate Marketing is a resource run by me, Carlos Campos, to teach you proven strategies for running an online business and optimizing it for affiliate marketing, but what is affiliate marketing. If you are new to this business please read this first.

Who is Carlos Campos?

And How does he know about this stuff?

I’m a family guy who most of my working life used affiliate marketing for a living. More than 20 years working from a sales company who represent different brands and promote then as a sales manager. In 2012 left the company and start my own business. This 2018 I discovered reading a blog post that what I have been doing so far, can be automated and replicate using affiliate marketing and the different monetization techniques I have been using.

When I found this, I learned about how to automate my knowledge about affiliate marketing and start my own blog to teach others all about affiliate marketing.

So this is my story guys. I really want to thank you to spend your time here. If you have any questions please send me an email, just saying hi is enough for me, I want to be in contact with you.

Here at Smart Affiliate Marketing, you can find several resources to start your own profitable online business from scratch with me as a mentor

I promise you to be totally honest to you and show you the exact methods that you can implement and start getting results.